Alvin Kean Wong was born and raised in Singapore. Although he studied mechanical engineering throughout his schooling, he always gravitated toward artistic venues. He picked up his first camera at the tender age of 8. What started as an after-school pastime then became a means to explore, understand, and travel the world. After a stint working in the Airforce, Alvin moved to New York in 2009 a to pursue working as a Photo Assistant. He got his start scanning negatives for Anders Overgaard as his first foray into the industry. Through his work with Anders, Alvin moved on to photo assist for International Magazines and Brand Campaigns with top photographers including Alexei Hay, Diego Uchitel, David Roemer, Emma Tempest, Hans Neumann , Mario Sorrenti, and Julia Noni. . He returned to Singapore in 2011 where he started shooting on his own, developing his own unique style and lighting sensibility, eventually drawing the attention of some prestigious international publications including Vouge, Harpers Bazaar, L’Officel, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. Alvin returned to New York in 2013 to reinvent his technique and style. He currently lives in the West Village and works out of his studio in Brooklyn. @alvinkeanwong

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